Our Business Model

We believe that 2017 will be characterised by growing investor confidence. Interest in the residential property sector has been driven by an understanding of the structural imbalance combined with recognition that there are opportunities for adding value in the sector. Areas where new entrants are specifically looking to add value include “acquisitions and value addition.”

Our policy and investment strategy creates a clear vision for our clients with an emphasis on taking advantage of the opportunities created from responsible business sense. The strategy incorporates targets, tools and risk mitigation with each subject being clearly assigned to our investment and asset management teams.

We are committed to upholding our business principles by acting transparently as stewards of the assets in which we invest. With a disciplined focus on income delivering returns and a strict risk attitude, we set out to consistently outperform our targets and deliver streamlined solutions for each of our clients.

We believe that responsible long-term investment enables investors to manage risks while reaping the social and economic benefits of investment property.

To enable maximum impact we have integrated a strong code of ethics and corporate policies for all our employees and subcontractors. This ensures that we follow decent labour practices and provide exemplary working conditions to our clients.

With the changing macro-economic and geo-political situation, we have integrated sustainability in portfolios management in earnest.

One of the key challenges our investment and acquisition strategy faces is how sustainability affects the value of individual assets and the potential depreciation of entire portfolios.

To counter this successfully, we use tailored strategies to measure how property market fundamentals such as client demand, void lengths, obsolescence, rate of depreciation, operational costs and liquidity affect property investment performance.

Our business model allows current risk management frameworks to be strengthened whilst simultaneously unlocking and redirecting the capital required for the creation of commercially sound and sustainable assets